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Einführung; Die Spieler; Die Karten; Das Karten Geben; Das Reizen; Das Spielen der Karten; Zusatzpunkte; Der Punktwert; Tarot für drei Spieler; Tarot für fünf  ‎ Das Spielen der Karten · ‎ Tarot für drei Spieler · ‎ Tarot für fünf Spieler · ‎ Varianten. Rules for Tarot, one of the most popular card games in France, played with a card pack. ‎ The Cards · ‎ Tarot for Three Players · ‎ Tarot for Five Players · ‎ Variations. The French game of tarot, also jeu de tarot, is a trick-taking strategy tarot card game played by three to five players using a traditional card tarot deck. Cards ‎: ‎78. The highest and the lowest ones owned are obligatorily shown, others can be kept conciled if he has more than the required number. Once the leader of a trick has played a card, everyone else must follow suit play a card of that same suit, if they have one. Scoring is quite complex in tarot. Players may choose not to bid by clicking on 'Pass'. In scoring, the taker's partner gets one "hand score" added to or taken from his score if the taker makes or misses his contract. Petit au bout Dies ist ein Bonus für das Spielen der Trumpf 1 im letzten Stich. Es handelt sich um Punkte, die zusätzlich zu den Punkten gewonnen werden können, die Sie für Ihr Spiel gewinnen oder verlieren. Once the betting phase is ended, except if the defined contract is the guard without or the guard against, the attacker takes the kitty, show its contents to everybody, and then add it to his hand. This deck configuration, plus the Fool, was copied using culture-neutral card designs and values to create the deck for the Rook game. Diese Methode ist etwas schwerfällig und wird in Vereinen und Turnieren nicht mehr gespielt. french tarot The opposite of the sum of the defenders' gain or loss is then added to or deducted from the taker's score to balance the scores; club casino terazije four players, the taker will gain or lose three times the hand score score on whether the taker made or missed the contract. In a 5-player game, if the taker has the 21 of trump, he shall always play it so his partner can secure the Petit if he's got it. Ihr Gegner benötigt mindestens 51 Augen, um zu gewinnen. This will be a 0. Bonuses There are some special bonuses. Les Bouts oder weniger gebräuchlich Oudlers Die Spitzen zählen nicht nur besonders viele Punkte, hat man sie in seinen Stichen, verringert dies auch die zum Gewinn des Spiels erforderliche Punktzahl. The taker counts the number of oudlers and the point value of all cards in his scoring pile. The dog is not shown in this game and the cards within belong to the tricks won by the declarer. Historically, this game was played with the Italian suited Tarot of Marseilles deck which lacked reversible face cards and trumps and corner indices. French Tarot Introduction The Players The Cards The Deal The Bidding The Play of the Cards Bonuses The Scoring Tarot for Three Players Tarot for Five Players Variations Other versions for five players Bidding variations Variations in the bonuses Petit Imprenable Variations in the Scoring Direction of Play Tarot for Two Players Other French Tarot WWW Sites French Tarot Software and Online Games Introduction Games are played with Tarot cards in various countries of Europe, but nowhere is it as popular as in France. In modern times, for ease of play, a deck style known as the " Tarot Nouveau " or "Bourgeois Tarot" is used to play the game.

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